Struggle-free employee
engagement and outcomes.


It might be hard to admit it...

Unhappy and unhealthy employees hurt the bottom line.

It's even harder to admit...

That you feel helpless in doing anything about it. It's not your fault as an employer
and it's definitely not their fault as employees.

The problem: Most employee programs work outside-in.

Outside-in overwhelms employees with more point solutions, more technology, more features and more apps than ever before.

Outside-in assumes you need external health consultants and gurus to solve the employee engagement problem.

Outside-in keeps employees in an endless cycle of managing symptoms, compartmentalizing their body into a named disease state, and labeling themselves by their chronic condition.

We found a Betr way.

Partner with Betr and work inside-out.

Inside-out gets to the root cause: an internal environment that's been hijacked and depleted from mental, physical and and chemical stress.

Inside-out promotes healing based on the cutting edge science of gut-health using food as medicine. Inside-out creates a groundswell of engaged employees that become magnets for other employees.

Finally, one singular solution to prevent and reverse multiple chronic conditions.

Betr knows how to create raving fans at your workplace and we're 5 star rated by our members. You'll be 100% supported with our proven employee launch and engagement strategies.

Imagine every employee is a wellness champion.

We call them Betr Ambassadors - and they are the force that grows Betr culture at your company as they experience that irresistible state of being called wellness.

Betr Ambassadors are created from outcomes
and engagement.


Betr outcomes - 4x faster than our competitors.


Mood, sleep, energy
Reported improvements within 3 days

Blood pressure
Average drop of 34% in BP within 90 days.

Reduced medication
87% report reduction in 1 or more medications within 30 days.

Sustained weight loss
7.2% within 30 days, 10% in 90 days and 12% in 6 months.

A1C and Cholesterol
Average drop in A1C - 1.4 within 60 days

Trusted by Global Health
Plans and Employers

How Betr delivers
outcomes and engagement.

All the tools and resources to sustain wellness.

Personalized Nutrition

Food as Medicine made simple with a personal coach, interactive meal planning, 200+ recipes and new recipes added monthly.

Healthy Insights

Stay healthy in real time. Health data is aggregated into one place to to deliver meaningful insights at the moment it matters.

Private Membership Community

Endless inspiration from the healthiest online community. Members are learning and discovering with peer to peer accountability.

Access & Support

Members are 100% supported through Lunch & Learns, 24/7 Online Support and Weekly calls with Betr CEO and Founder.

Master Class

Stay healthy in real time. Health data is aggregated into one place to to deliver meaningful insights at the moment it matters.


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