Joyce down 20 pounds, more energy to keep up with her kids, and virtually no more headaches

20 pounds lost, way more energy, lower cholesterol levels, less headaches.

Hi everyone. How are you? My name is Joyce. I’ve been on the program for about five weeks now going on six I’m on level two. I have lost a total of 20 pounds so far. I have not been this way and over two years and it feels great. I did not know how it felt to be a lot lighter than what I am at the moment. So far my cholesterol levels have lowered. I was having headaches almost on a daily basis and now I’m down to almost none. I think obviously at the beginning of the program, while my body got used to, you know, adjusting to a new lifestyle, I did have headaches. Probably too, I want to say. And I haven’t had any, ever since my husband was just letting me know that, Hey, you haven’t had that many.

My skin has dramatically improved. I used to have a lot of dry skin and now I don’t. I have a lot more energy. I wake up every morning before used to be like, Oh, I have to get up. I have to try and do something. And now it’s just a wake up or right. Let’s go, let’s get ready. I do about a three mile walk every morning which it will increase. I know slowly, but for me to do a three mile walk daily, that is a long, a long run for me. I wasn’t able to even walk 10 minutes from my parking lot at work to my work location because I was out of breath and my body was hurting. And I, now, I don’t. It’s very easy to just get up and walk.

I want to tell you all new ones that are coming into the program, thinking I’m going to give it a try, actually do, give it a try. Cause that’s the way I was. I’m just going to give it a try. I fell anyway and I haven’t so far I have lost 20 pounds and it feels great. It feels wonderful to have lost those 20 pounds and keep moving forward. I still way behind on where I want to be. But so far to be at a weight that I haven’t been at in over two years, that is a great accomplishment. So try it, definitely try it. The food is amazing, very easy to do very just prep your food pretty much prep your food and you’re good to go. I’m kind of a busy mom. I have four kids ranging from the age of 18 to two.

So pretty tied up most of the day. But I put my food the day before and when it’s time to, for lunch and dinner, my food is ready to go. So all I have to do is get theirs ready and we’re done. We sit at the table, have dinner. So again, everyone out there who is thinking should I go for it? Go for it, try it. And trust me, you are going to love it. You’re going to love the end results of it. Because it feels great. It feels great to at least, you know, the first five pounds you’re down. You’re like, wow, I did it. And then it just keeps going down from there.

You do have struggles throughout the time and everybody does, but you know what? Keep going, keep thinking,  “This is working”.

Try your best and you’re going to do it. So everyone out there good luck. And I wish you the best.


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