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Dr. Ferro’s Top 10

10 reasons why people aren't losing weight and 10 ways to improve it

There are many possible reasons for your weight to stall. Use the checklist below to determine the root cause of the problem so it can be resolved as soon as possible. Many times you can move past a stall with some minor adjustments.


***Note*** If you have stalled for more than 2 days while following the protocol, click the Insta-Chat button on the bottom right of this screen for live coaching assistance.

1. Not Enough Sleep

Having restful sleep helps promote the purification cycle overnight. If sleep is interrupted it can show up on the scale.


SOLUTION: Drink the adrenal cocktail for at least 2 weeks to help nourish and calm the adrenal glands.


TIP: If sleep does not improve after the first week, start taking the adrenal cocktail in the morning as well.  

2. Not Enough Water

Studies have shown that weight loss is positively correlated with water intake.  Drinking the right amount of water not only helps our bodies flush out toxins but also speeds up our metabolic rate.

SOLUTION: Increase water intake and start tracking water intake daily, drink half of your body weight in ounces (max 70).  

TIP: Drink 16 ounces in the morning and with both meals and snacks to stay on track

3. Not Enough Soluble Fiber

Soluble fiber helps pull fat and toxins from your body.


SOLUTION: Our recommendation is that you consume 70% of your vegetables raw and experiment with different leafy greens from the level 1 food list when preparing cooked.

TIP: Juicing should be kept at a minimum during level 1. 

4. Eating Out

Chef-made meals tend to add a lot of sugar, sodium, and cholesterol.


SOLUTION: Here is our Betr guide to eating out!

TIP: Life happens!  Share the details of the restaurant you’ll be dining in to receive meal recommendations from your coach (given a 24-hour notice) or message in the insta-chat for a quicker response.

5. Too much beef

Your body uses different enzymes to digest different foods so rotating all foods on a daily basis ensures optimum results.


SOLUTION:  Rotate your proteins by eating more white fish or chicken.

TIP: Limit beef to twice a week

6. Not Having a Meal Schedule

We recommend eating consistently throughout the day to continually supply your body with fuel. Going a long period in between eating can cause the body to hold on to water and weight in order to retain fuel. 


SOLUTION: Once you have your first meal of the day we recommend eating every 2 -3 hours to keep your blood sugar balanced and energy level up.

TIP: Ensure you eat your last meal 2-3 hours before bedtime to get the most out of the purification cycle overnight.

7. Constipation

Mild constipation in Level 1 is completely normal.


SOLUTION: Add another probiotic and digestive enzyme with lunch and dinner for 1 day and drink a cup of Smooth Move Tea before bedtime.  Add a Flax Seed Smoothie if Smooth Move Tea does not work.

TIP: Drink warm water with fresh lemon and fresh ginger daily every morning. Great for digestion and alkalizes the body. 

8. Overexertion

Everything that you eat will be used as fuel so supplementing high-intensity activity is crucial. Adding high-intensity activity in Level 2 is crucial for continued weight loss.  Pushing excessively hard for an extended time without adequate nutrition and rest will work against weight loss.


SOLUTION: Add breakfast booster on workout days and optional snack and meal boosters as needed along with necessary rest days.


TIP: Log exercise in the App so your coach can monitor portion sizes to ensure you are eating enough.

9. Women’s Monthly Cycle

Weight always fluctuates during this time. We call this the PMS plateau


SOLUTION: Add fresh lemon to water for an extra flush, add light exercises like a 20-30 min walk or gentle yoga.

TIP: Take a hot Epsom Salt Bath to help with cramps

10. Lack of Food Combinations

SOLUTION: Rotate protein, fruits, and veggies daily to keep your body using different enzymes to breakdown foods.

TIP: Alternate between apples and grapefruit for morning snacks – great for fat burning 

Other Factors to Consider

Not Eating Enough

If you are eating too little, your body will hold on to its weight.

SOLUTION: Get in touch with your coach to check your meals.

TIP: Make sure you are eating no less than the minimum portion sizes 


Gas or Bloat

SOLUTION: Eliminate raw or cooked onions or cabbage for a few days. Limit mineral water or seltzer 8 oz. daily.

TIP: Add extra probiotic and enzyme to help breakdown and absorb foods causing gas or bloat. Reduce portion size.

Hidden Sugar Additives

Herbal teas and flavored coffees may contain natural flavors which may mean hidden sugar alcohol or other additives.

SOLUTION:  Check the ingredients. Anything labeled flavored may contain additives.

TIP: Use beverages flavored with organic spices like cinnamon or ginger. 

Premixed Spices

Premixed spices can include too much salt as well as additives (if non-organic).

SOLUTION: Read labels, check for sodium and sugar.

TIP: Use fresh, dry, or frozen organic spices