4 Ways That Meal Delivery Will Help Keep You on Track

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Nothing beats the feeling of having a delicious meal ready to go. The food is prepared, servings are portioned out, and you’re ready to dig in. But when you’re trying to adapt to a healthy lifestyle while juggling a hectic schedule, prepping and eating meals that please both your gut and your tastebuds is easier said than done.

That’s why Betr Health is offering a premium meal delivery service to all of our members! Here are 4 reasons why Betr meal delivery will help you find success and enhance your experience.

Save 10+ Hours Every Week

Time is valuable. Between work, commute, and family obligations, there are only so many hours in the day to prep meals for you and your loved ones. Even the most dedicated of cooks wish they had a reprieve from shopping, chopping, and baking every now and then. 

Our delivered meals come fully prepared and ready to be heated up- as simple as that. You can save over an hour of prep time every day! Use that time to spend it on what matters most.

Family Style Servings

With Betr Delivery, you can bring the family back to the dinner table. Each meal feeds up to 4 people per serving, and combines great taste with gut-healthy nourishment.

With larger portion sizes and smart packaging that is easy to freeze and re-heat, you will also be able to eliminate waste and avoid those pesky leftovers that take up space in your fridge. Scheduling your orders to be delivered within the upcoming week will ensure that you never run out of food.

Stress-Free Planning

Going through the Betr Health program brings a lot of changes to your normal routine, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Betr Delivery helps you to adapt by taking the stress out of meal planning, so you can focus on eating instead of cooking.

Concentrating on the fundamentals can be a huge benefit for someone who finds meal planning stressful. With chef-prepared meals delivered straight to your doorstep, you can get back to basics and focus solely on your weight loss progress.

Betr Made Easy

Betr Delivery is all about making your experience with the program easy and painless. With the ultimate convenience of online shopping and at-your-door delivery, you can reduce any stress or friction that you may be feeling, allowing you to reach your goals and change your lifestyle. And every meal option is Level 1 approved! No matter which stage of the program you’re currently in, you can always enjoy the nourishing properties of the Level 1 food protocol.

Click Here to learn more about Betr Delivery and start your first order!

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