All About Antioxidants
All About Antioxidants

All About Antioxidants

Antioxidants! We hear this word all the time in the world of eating healthy and proper nutrition.  But do we understand what antioxidants are or what they even do for our bodies?  Why are they so important?

Let’s start with what antioxidants are.  A chemical process takes place in the body called oxidation.  When this process is interrupted by outside stressors, molecules called free radicals are created in the body.  Too much oxidation in the body triggers the production of free radicals, hence the benefit of an ANTI-oxidant.  Free radicals are present almost everywhere, from the foods you eat to the air you breathe.  Too much exposure to these dangerous molecules can be potential grounds for disease and damage to your body as a whole.

The best way to make sure your body is getting the antioxidants it needs is through the food you’re eating.  Making sure your food is clean and organic is the first step in the right direction, however let’s get more specific about which foods will provide the best sources of antioxidants.  Below is a list of amazing tasting fruits and foods provided by nature to ensure you get all of the antioxidants your body needs naturally:

-Purple, red, and blue grapes         -Tea

-Blueberries                                       -Whole Grains

-Red Berries                                      -Beans

-Nuts                                                  -Fish

-Dark Green Veggies

-Sweet Potatoes & Orange Vegetables

Getting your antioxidants through eating the right foods is one of the best things you can do for your internal health and the easiest way to receive them.

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