Be A Betr Traveler

Alright, you done the work and you feel and look great for your well needed vacation! That being said, traveling can be tricky and can throw you off your normal routine. Stressful flights, long road trips, and confusing time differences alter your circadian rhythms and gut health, which might result to poor digestion and bloating.


Here are a couple tips to help you stay on track and feeling your best on your vacation!

  1. Stick to foods that are easily digestible and cause less inflammation 24hrs before you travel. The Level 1 recommended food list contains proteins, fruits and veggies that are proven easy on the stomach and cause little to no inflammation.
  2. Be prepared for your trip by packing plenty of water, herbal teas and healthy snacks. You will probably have to eat out during your travels, but filling up on healthy snacks that are high in fiber will keep your blood sugar from dropping and then overeating.
  3. Hold off on alcohol until you’ve arrived at your destination. Alcohol is very dehydrating and causes you to retain water, especially during travel. Want to make the best choices during your vacay? Stick to red wine or liquor with club soda and lime!
  4. Pack your vitamins. Probiotics and minerals like magnesium are keys to reducing inflammation and fluid retention. Your body may be under stress from traveling, so keep up with your supplements to maintain a happy gut. The Betr Health nutrient kit has all the nutrients needed to support a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Pass on the gum. Even though gum is often used to help with pressure changes during flights, gum should be avoided since it is typically made with artificial sweeteners and flavors. Also, the act of chewing gum causes you to bloat due to the constant swallowing of air.
  6. Have a healthy mindset! You’ve worked hard and deserve this much needed vacation. Trust that you are equipped with the tools needed to make the best decisions and also treat yourself. Don’t stress about it too much and always rely on a Level 1 reboot after your trip to get you back on track. You will be amazed at how fast your body bounces back!

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Safe Travels!

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