Don’t Be Scared of Carbs

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These days carbohydrates are thought of as the enemy, but this is not always true! Most people have developed a sense of guilt surrounding foods containing carbs.

Carbohydrates are your body’s primary energy source and are a crucial part of any well-balanced diet. There are good and bad carbs, so you must be careful when you reach for your next snack. Cookies and sweet potatoes are both carbs, but are not equal in nutritional value.  

Selecting the right carbs is important for a healthy body. The best carbs come from natural sources, not from boxed snacks. Most of the unhealthy carbs are processed and lack in nutrients, have chemicals and don’t work as a good source of energy. A few examples of carbs to avoid in the future are white bread, pastries, sugary drinks, etc.

Here are a few healthy carbs that you can integrate into your diet:

-Sweet potato






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