How To Save Time and Money Through Meal Planning

Did you know the average American household throws away $1,800 of food each year while spending $3,008 annually on eating out? That’s not great news for the planet or your budget.

It’s no secret that eating out all the time isn’t great for your overall health or your wallet. Although it’s easy, quick, and you’re not the one having to do the cooking, you’ll lose in the long run. In a recent study found preparing a meal at home would be around $9 cheaper than eating out at the average American restaurant. 

Just by bringing lunch from home instead of grabbing something on the go, each working individual would save close to $1,500 annually. What vacation would you take with that extra cash allotted back in your spending budget? 

The Solution:

So, in order to reduce food waste, save money, save time, and maintain a healthy lifestyle, what can you do? No, we’re not going to make you skip meals, or eat like a rabbit. We have a solution! Drum roll, please…. Strategically meal prep!

Take a second to breathe and don’t let yourself get overwhelmed here. You may be stressing that cooking requires time, effort and creativity… or that you’ve tried this before, but things came up and food often went to waste, despite your best intentions. We get it, but we’re here to make it easy for you.

We’ll help to plan all your meals and cater them exactly to your lifestyle so the entire family can enjoy too! This includes creating your grocery list with the exact amount of food you need to reduce the waste, improve time efficiencies at the store and put more money back in your pocket in the long run!

You’ll no longer grieve the loss of your once ripe Roma tomatoes or beat up bruised apples. Through our weekly meal prep, you’ll be able to take full advantage of all your grocery items. With the time it takes for you to order your food from your local restaurant, we can help you strategically put a plan in action right from home. 

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    I just bought my level one food list. My coach helped me thru my minor anxiety about it. I’m excited!

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