Lotion Up! (Summer Edition)

It’s summertime (yay – finally!) and we want you to lotion up with sunscreen to avoid hurtful and harmful sunburns! Growing up, we all learn about the importance of applying sunscreen to prevent dangerous skin cancer. However, as children, we don’t usually learn about the dangerous toxins used in most sunscreen brands available on the U.S. market!

Stay in the know

If you’re already a Betr member, you should already know that 1) our skin has the ability to absorb whatever we put on it, 2) there are numerous toxins commonly used U.S. skincare products, and 3) at Betr, we believe that you should never eat or apply something you simply cannot properly pronounce (continue reading and you will see why)!

Considering our three guiding principles, most chemical-based sunscreens (available at the drugstore of your choice) become a huge issue. The EWG (short for: Environmental Working Group) found oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate, and octinoxate (Do you now see why pronunciation matters!?) in most chemical-based sunscreens. Oxybenzone is most commonly found in chemical, non-mineral sunscreen but has been linked to hormone disruption and skin allergies.

Not only are these chemicals harmful to humans, but NOAA states sunscreens that contain these chemicals are also harmful to coral reefs. EHP as well confirms that sunscreen chemicals may be causing coral bleaching too. 

Now, what can you do?

Opt for a safer sunscreen brand that omits the dangerous chemicals. If you are spending your day at the beach, make sure to bring an umbrella, wear a hat and a t-shirt to avoid a long period of sun exposure. Above all, have fun in the sun this summer while being mindful of what chemicals you’re exposed to! 

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