Magnesium Matters!

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Magnesium is an important mineral our bodies need to function efficiently. Everyone knows that magnesium maintains muscle and nerve functions which keeps our bones strong, but did you also know that magnesium supports your immune system and regulates your blood sugar?

Therefore, it’s important to consume the right foods naturally containing high amounts of magnesium (such as spinach, almonds, and beans), since we simply cannot product magnesium by ourselves.

Consequently, it’s no surprise that many Americans, 68% of Americans to be exact, experience magnesium deficiency. What are some signs of this mineral deficiency? Typical symptoms include: muscle cramps and pain; feeling tenderness in your body; difficulty sleeping; anxiety; feeling restless; headaches; and low blood pressure.

Being faced with magnesium deficiency, lots of Americans opt for oral supplementation to counter the lack of magnesium in their bodies. However, oral supplementation (for example, taking your daily pill of vitamins and minerals) is not as efficient as you think it is. Not only is the dosage of magnesium in many oral supplementations too low, but generally, most oral magnesium supplementations are laxative which limits their potential to get completely absorbed by the GI tracts.

Now with oral supplementations off the table, is there another alternative to still supplement your magnesium intake? Yes, through your skin! Since 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed, why not try a magnesium infused skin care product? We at Betr Health successfully infused our new Rejuvenate Body Butter with magnesium which means that your body can now absorb it transdermally. This is a win-win because you are not only getting rid of your magnesium deficiency but our new Rejuvenating Body Butter will also leave your skin smooth and hydrated!

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