Five Heavenly Skin Care Tricks

James Franks

Our skin is a perfect representation of what we eat, how we feel, and what we apply to our skin.

In this blog, we are sharing our top five heavily skincare tricks!

1.Lotion Up

Daily moisturizing is important to keep our skin healthy.


While there is an array of skincare products on the market, there are only a few brands that manufacture pure skincare products free of toxic chemicals.


Don’t put anything on your skin, you cannot pronounce!


Our Farm To Face skincare line is 100% organic and free of toxins – your skin will love it!

2. Cut the Junk Food

We are what we eat and if you’re putting fast food and other junk food into your body, it should never be a surprise that one’s skin might start to break out.


Too much sugar and greasy fat can bring out those unwanted zits.


Eliminate those foods from your diet, replace them with organic fruits and vegetables, and your skin will transform in no time.

3. Sleep Tight

A good night’s sleep is more important than you might think.


It’s vital to one’s health and a lack thereof has shown to have a direct impact on one’s weight (i.e. those who are sleep deprived gain weight easier and/or have a harder time losing weight).


A lack of sleep is putting unnecessary stress on the body and some of us might react to this stress with breakouts.


Try to get enough sleep and give your body the much needed nightly rest.

4. Eat your Veggies and Fruits

Want healthy, blemish- and zit-free looking skin?


Instead of purchasing numerous skincare products filled with toxins that do more harm than good, opt for a pure skincare line and simply eat your veggies and fruit!

5. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Water is the essence of life.


Instead of drinking sugary drinks that contain lots of hidden calories, just opt for water.


An extra H20 boost will not only help your body to flush out toxins and help with weight loss but will also hydrate your skin to get that glow.

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