Shop Smarter. Eat Healthy.

If eating healthy was a job, smarter grocery shopping skills would be at the top of the list for required qualifications.  Yet, what makes a good shopper, and what are the benefits of shopping smart?

Avoid grocery shopping when hungry.

Oftentimes, we tend to crave unhealthy foods (something quick and easy) when we are hungry and our blood sugar levels are low. Therefore, it’s better to incorporate grocery shopping into your weekly schedule, just like you would schedule any other appointments that week, to avoid unnecessary junk-food cravings.

Make a list and plan meals ahead of time.

Have you ever wanted to cook a certain meal but didn’t have the right ingredients at home to make it?  Plan ahead!  By writing lists and planning ahead you can be sure to have all the right ingredients at home to make a delicious dinner. Also, don’t forget to check your fridge and pantry to see what you actually need.

Compare sizes and read labels.

Sometimes manufacturers want to trick us by believing that we are getting a good deal or buying something “healthy,” although we are actually not.  Always compare sizes and read labels, so you know what you are putting into your body.

Look for coupons and deals to save money.

Get your store’s rewards card to save on discounts and check for coupons.  Your wallet will thank you later!

Buy store brands.

While most brand products are displayed in the middle of the shelf making it easy for us to see and reach them, the very top and the very bottom shelves are often overlooked.  Yet, they are filled with jewels – store brands. Just because those brands may not have a familiar look, that doesn’t mean that those products of any lesser quality.  Give them a try!

Buy local.

Check out your local farmer’s market to get fresh, local, seasonal, and delicious food!  This not only supports and strengthen your local economy, but you’ll also avoid eating foods that were shipped overseas weeks ago.  Foods grown overseas are exposed to chemical toxins that either halt or speed up the ripening process unnaturally. Consequently, buying at your local farmer’s market not only helps the environment by decreasing the number of fossil fuels released during the shipping processes but also helps your body to become healthier.


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