Step by Step – How to incorporate Fitness into your Daily Lifestyle

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It’s common knowledge that fitness and weight loss go hand in hand, but getting in shape can be very intimidating.  Just the thought about daily exercises and potentially even the fear of getting judged by others at the gym can put extra stress on the body. This is why we recommend not to work out during our level one plan. Yes, you heard us correctly. No workouts at first! However, you should try to prepare yourself for level two by slowly getting more and more active.

It’d be silly to think it’s possible to become an athlete overnight – it’s actually better to incorporate small changes to your daily routine to become more active. That way you’ll be more likely to stick with it.  It takes baby steps to build a habit, and these small changes will lead to lasting success.

There are numerous ways you can sneak more movement into your day.  Stretch in your chair, squat to pick something up, park far away from stores so you’ll walk more, stand up when you talk on the phone, and do some exercises while you watch TV. Begin each day with a ‘move more’ mindset and you’ll be more motivated to keep going.

Walking is especially a great exercise that keeps you moving, lets you get fresh air, and helps you to free your thoughts. In any stressful situation, try not to go for a snack but instead go for a quick walk! It’ll be much more rewarding and can be done in any weather condition. Plus, walking can easily be turned into a family activity – it’s fun for everyone!

Speaking of fun, we’d like to stress that any kind of exercise should be fun. Don’t do something that you simply don’t enjoy doing. Find the kind of activity that’s just right for you and fits into your daily or weekly schedule. You can also convince your friends and family members to join you and turn a coffee into a walk to the nearby park!

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  1. Christopher Salazar

    Helpful tips the work! Every movement counts and in helpful in getting you further down the road to your wellness goals!

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