Step off the Scale

We know the cycle: We wake up, step into the bathroom, and there IT is. The scale. Is it going to be a good day or a bad?

It can be tempting to let the scale be the judge of that, but the scale never defines who you are. It is simply a measuring tool of how well your body is adjusting to lifestyle changes and stress.

Although it’s common knowledge that our weight naturally fluctuates, many people measure their weight daily in hopes of changes in numbers.

These numbers are simply numbers that MAY indicate how well your body is digesting foods or retaining water.They should NEVER be an indicator of your happiness. In fact, the numbers of the scale can lie. For example, while 1 lbs of fat is exactly the same as 1 lbs of muscle (yes… 1 lbs = 1lbs. For instance, 1 lbs of cotton candy has the same weight as 1 lbs of potatoes), the real difference is that muscle is more dense than fat.

Therefore, a much better and more reliable measuring tool than scale can simply be your favorite pair of jeans and progress photos. Noticed that it’s no longer as snug as when you first tried it on ALTHOUGH the number of the scale stayed the same OR even went up? This is simple because muscle is more dense than fat.

Alternatively you can also take your measurements, just note, it takes time to see REAL changes.

Remember:  You are more than the number on the scale. You are more than the number of your clothing size. You are human!

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