Thanksgiving Survival Guide

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This year’s celebrations may look a little different – maybe you’re not traveling to visit friends and family, maybe the gathering around the dinner table is a bit smaller – but we can still practice gratitude. We are most thankful that you are part of our community! We’ve put together 9 simple tips to enjoy your holiday festivities the Betr way:

  1. SINGLE SERVE PORTIONS: We all love Thanksgiving classics like sweet potato or green bean casserole. Enjoy them, but keep your portions in control. Prepare single serving portions in small ramekins or muffin tins. You might not be the only one who appreciates this move!
  2. BUILD A PLATE WITH A PLAN: Focus your attention on protein and veggies. Lucky for us, the classic Thanksgiving traditions include tons of veggies. This is a great time for turkey and roasted veggies to be the star of the show! Stick to single servings or samples of the starchy foods (see Tip #1) to stay on track and eliminate that post-meal food coma.
  3. WATER: As always, water is important — but especially on a day like Thanksgiving. Hit your goal of half your body weight in ounces to not only stay hydrated, but also to help you digest foods you have not eaten in a while.
  4. EAT BEFORE: Don’t wait to eat. With a busy morning, full of family and preparations, it’s easy to forget to eat — or easy to eat everything along the way. Be proactive. Start your day with some protein like eggs with vegetables. Then maybe add a smoothie or a salad with plenty of raw veggies in early afternoon. You will be less hungry when you hit the table and less likely to fill up on appetizers.
  5. SWAP IT OUT: If you have a hard time limiting your portions on mashed potatoes, find a delicious and fiber-rich alternative like our creamy garlic cauliflower mashed potatoes. 
  6. PICK YOUR SUGAR: Between the alcohol and desserts there is an abundance of sugar, so pick your indulgence. A piece of pie or a cocktail. After your drink make yourself a mock-tail so you still feel like you are participating.
  7. STAY ACTIVE: Start your day with some exercise or encourage a family walk before or after your feast. You can even be part of the clean-up crew! Washing dishes and moving around the kitchen will help you to avoid the couch. Your loved ones will be grateful!
  8. SLOWLY SAVOR: Take your time to chew each bite slowly, putting your fork down between bites is one of the easiest ways to enjoy your meal and feel satisfied with one plate full of food. 
  9. TURKEY IS LEVEL 1-APPROVED: Only on Thanksgiving Day does Dr. Ferro recommend eating turkey, so if that was a concern to skip then don’t worry about it! 

Above all else, remember that how you eat on Thanksgiving Day will not determine your overall health – how you eat the other 364 days of the year will. No good comes from beating yourself up. 

Focus instead on the present, and praise yourself for laying the groundwork with a post-Thanksgiving Betr plan. Be proud that you’re mindful of your eating behaviors and your efforts to continue living Betr!

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