The Importance of Gut Health
The Importance of Gut Health

The Importance of Gut Health

There’s one thing your body is constantly doing all day: communicating.  Particularly, the gut and the brain do the most talking.  Your gut is basically its own ecosystem (gut microbiome) and is made up of living organisms (microbiota).  Just like any ecosystem, you want to keep yours balanced and free of “pollution.”  AKA: what you decide to feed your ecosystem is communicated back to the brain, therefore determining whether your body’s overall “environment” is flourishing or not.

There are a few things you can do to keep your gut microbiome healthy.  Some include things you may already know, but some may come to you as an interesting surprise!

Increase your awareness

Think about it like this: if your gut microbiome is its own ecosystem, you aren’t going to want to feed it foods that are loaded with harmful chemicals and unhealthy additives.  Simply thinking this way will increase your overall awareness of the foods you’re purchasing, ultimately making you more inclined to lean towards organic products rather than processed ones.

Reduce the amount of animal fat in your diet

Frequent consumption of animal fat in your diet is directly linked to the expansion of your waistline.  Processed meats especially have an abnormally high fat content which is responsible for creating not only a negative effect on your physical appearance, but your brain as well. Remember the gut-to-brain communication we talked about?  Continuous gut microbial signaling of animal fat intake to the brain sets up a dangerous cycle of poor eating habits that interfere with your brain’s health and clarity.

Eat fermented foods

Eating fermented foods will promote gut microbial diversity! Fermented foods contain probiotics which have a lot of great health benefits for your gut.  If you aren’t exactly sure what fermented foods are, some include: kimchi, sauerkraut, and kombucha.  You can also try yogurts and cheeses!


It is a long-time belief that periodic fasting has a positive effect on your brain and your body’s well being.  The idea behind it is that fasting cleans out your body’s pent up toxins through cleaning the gut.  Going back to gut microbiome/brain communication, fasting is believed to reset the sensory mechanisms in the gut which restores positive messages to the brain.  Fasting can also reduce the body’s appetite over time which is great for overeating prevention.

These are all unique approaches you can take to keep your body healthy and happy without spending a lot of money.  Practice consciousness and fuel your body’s ecosystem with the organic variety it craves!

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