Trouble falling asleep? This will help.

Ever had troubles falling asleep or felt restless although you had a busy day? On those nights, many people opt to take a melatonin supplement to help them fall asleep better and faster.

Essentially, melatonin is a hormone naturally produced by our bodies that helps to regulate our inner clock. Melatonin supplements can be found at any drug-, convenience-, or grocery store.

However, did you know choosing magnesium over melatonin is a much better choice?

Here is why:

While magnesium is commonly known to be a muscle relaxer and taken the day after a hard workout that left us feeling super sore, magnesium also helps to decrease cortisol (a stress hormone) that might be the main reason why we are having troubles falling asleep at night.

When you were little and couldn’t fall asleep at night, did you ever drink a glass of milk? While milk actually contains a lot of magnesium which helps to go to sleep, we wouldn’t recommend drinking a glass of milk before bed due to digestive issues.

Instead, there are 3 different ways to take magnesium for sleep:

  1. You can purchase magnesium supplements but make sure to purchase pure supplements
  2. Your skin can absorb magnesium-infused skincare products like Epsom salt baths or our Betr Body Butter!
  3. You can eat magnesium-rich foods such as: spinach, almonds, beans, bananas, and YES, even dark chocolate.

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