Turning Lemons into Lemonade

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A Message from Dr. Ferro, Founder & CEO of Betr Health

The anxiety is palpable, and it’s putting all of our bodies into fight or flight mode. This notoriously creates cravings, poor sleep, fat storage, and mood swings which lower our immunity.


Let’s turn lemons into lemonade by using this time to refresh our mind, gut, and immunity from the inside out. Instead of being fertile ground for a virus, let’s build a fortress. Instead of gaining ten pounds, let’s convert twenty store pounds to energy.


We will prepare delicious and healthy food for our family.  Day by day we will create a sustainable “dinner table“ culture that has been ripped out of the American family life over the last two decades.


The goal for the first four weeks is to explore a variety of family-style meals that are healing and delicious. In addition to feeling better and losing weight, we are also adding in our Health Coaching certification program that you can take while completing your four-week challenge.


Next, you can move to the next month where you will learn more about your own digestive system and uncover specific food triggers that may be holding you back.


Your spouse and kids can follow along and have access to the app for no extra charge.


Click here to get started with our new Immunity Special program offer!

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