Ways to Fight Winter Blues

The weather is cold and the days seem dark. Seasons can have a direct influence on our mood. In some cases, people experience SAD (seasonal affective disorder), or simply put, seasonal depression. Studies show that this is especially true for people who live up in the North, in places like Canada and Northern Europe, where the winter is naturally longer and days are simply darker.

Some common signs of SAD include decreased concentration, weight gain or weight loss, social withdrawal, and moodiness. However, since SAD is like every other depression, symptoms can vary.

Nevertheless, if you are experiencing signs of SAD, here are some tips to fight it.

  1. Light it up! Open your curtains or blinds and let the sun shine in. In some more extreme SAD cases, doctors will prescribe special light boxes (artificial light) which decrease signs of SAD. Consult with a doctor before considering light therapy.
  2. Go outside. Go for a walk or even a hike. Spending time outdoors is not only fun which will automatically decrease stress levels but you will also able to catch some extra sun-rays!
  3. Eat Delicious Foods. Certain foods can weigh you down, opt for fruits and vegetables instead. We have plenty of delicious smoothies on our blog such as the Superfood Peppermint Mocha or our Betr Egg Nog!
  4. Get active. As attempting as Netflix and Chill might sound to all of us, get ready to hit the road! Go for a jog or a fast walk and get your body moving. We shared an entire blog with you about how to incorporate fitness into your daily lifestyle!  Generally exercise will boost your mood and decrease stress.

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