Why Weight Loss Fails
Why Weight Loss Fails

Why Weight Loss Fails

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Weight Loss fails because our society approaches it wrong.

Excess fat is nothing more than a symptom of stress -‐ a message from the body that there is some underlying problem. Weight loss fails because most people go out and aimlessly exercise or try the newest fad diet instead of addressing the true cause of the weight.

Remember: It’s all about the underlying problem that is causing your cravings, low energy or sleep problems, not the bad food, laziness or insomnia that result!

Most shakes, pills, meal replacements, new diets and exercise routines, fail to address the underlying problem, resulting in failure. Not only do they cause you to fail, but they also put additional physical, chemical and mental stress on your body, causing you to gain back more than you lost.

Weight loss techniques that can add mental, toxic & physical stress to your life:
• Ready to eat meals
• Weight loss medications
• Shakes
• Weight loss supplements
• Counting calories
• Exercise DVDs
• Running
• Weight Lifting
• Diets like: paleo, Atkins, low carb, low fat, slim fast, Jenny Craig, weight watchers, etc.

In an effort to lose weight, we turn to working out or go on strict diets. These cause a great deal of physical stress on the body, but do not address the thyroid issue and in turn, do not produce results. Deteriorating health, coupled with the demoralizing effects of weight gain, brings on mental stress followed by feelings of anxiety and helplessness. This stress causes additional weight gain. With eroding health and nowhere else to turn, individuals look to prescription medications as a means to fix their problems. Since now they have more than one problem , they get more than one pill, putting loads of toxic stress on the body and the cycle continues…

To learn what your main source of stress is and take back your health, click HERE!

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  • Most diets make u feel hungry all the time. Then u fall off the wagon and go back to eatting junk.

    Mark Harrington
  • Exercise and meditation has been a huge help!

    Emery Knudtson

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