“Holy SMOKES, Down 13 lbs in 21 Days!”​

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"Holy SMOKES, in 21 days I was down 13 lbs!"

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In this video, Vicki shares her story with Dr. Ferro:

“Hey, Dr. Ferro, this is Vicki Lyman. I started your program on March 1st.

Holy smokes … in 21 days I was down 13 pounds, Wow!  AND, I am a sugar-a-holic.

I stopped eating sugar because I had to. I have not deviated once from the ‘Level 1’ foods.

My coach Allison gives me great support, she gives me positive reinforcement. I love this program!

I have Blue Cross Blue Shield from California; I love that they’re paying for this!

Thank you for letting the insurance companies come in and let their people do this, because if you talk about preventive maintenance or preventive medicine, THIS IS IT. 

Thumbs up to Blue Cross Blue Shield for giving us the opportunity to do your program.”


Thank you, Vicki for sharing your story!  Share Vicki’s story to inspire friends and family to break THEIR intergenerational cycle of costly chronic DIS-ease.

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