A Global Movement. Micro-Local.

The Betr Health movement is all about driving cultural change using the cutting edge of science to help overcome the one common root cause of the DIS (Doubt, Inflammation, Stress) in DISease: an internal environment that’s been hijacked and depleted from environmental, chemical and physical stressors.

The Gut-Brain Connection

The evidence is irrefutable. The Gut-Brain connection can lead to a virtual cycle of health or a vicious cycle of chronic conditions. The great news is this can be reversed quickly and sustainably by acting micro-locally.

Act Micro-locally

It starts with identifying the hidden sources of how DIS (Doubt, Inflammation, Stress) show up in your life – and then reverse engineering it. Not through a rah-rah session with a guru, a pile of self-help books or other short term fixes that work outside-in. It’s time to work inside-out.

When you act micro-locally, you simply get out of the body’s way and let it do what it was designed to do through the power of the Gut-Brain connection.

Join the Movement

A global movement of individuals, employers, health plans, and families are turning the dial from survive to thrive to crush DIS (Doubt, Inflammation, Stress). 

You Deserve Betr Health

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Sponsor the Betr Health movement to prevent and reverse the DIS that has taken a toll on employee productivity and happiness. All while saving money on healthcare costs and providing the ultimate employee benefit.

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