When your patients are healthier, your professional satisfaction is higher, and so is your reimbursement.



OR Text the word ‘betr’ to 919-626-9101

OR Text the word ‘betr’ to 919-626-9101

Read what other MDs are saying:

Dr. Guy Annunziata DC

“After trying the program for myself, I dropped fourteen pounds of mostly belly fat and two medications. I immediately started referring my patients and they have all had very consistent outcomes.”

Carly Bergenholtz Pure Proactive Health Program Expert

“I have been a certified health coach for many years and admittedly with very hit or miss client results. Once I was trained in Dr Ferro’s food and coaching protocols I have now helped over a hundred clients to success. Over 95% of my clients can stick to the program with the average client losing 8% of their body weight in the first three weeks.”-

Dr Bill Meyer MD

“It’s common knowledge how important diet is to many treatment plans. Many of my patients have been able to reverse PCOS symptoms, lose weight, reduce hot flashes and get better sleep. A high percentage of my infertility patients have now become mommies. This is a great program that my patients have been able stick to.”



There are several steps in the process to whole-body wellness. Regular trips to the doctor and getting expert advice are important, but we know it doesn’t stop there.

What We Help With


Anxiety / Depression

Allergies: Skin & Sinus


Pre-Diabetes & Diabetes

Bariatric Health

Digestive Health


Why Clients Come to Us

Most illnesses, diseases, and risk factors, either chronic or acute, would benefit from healthy diet and lifestyle modifications.



Betr is here to give your patients the extra support they need in order to live a complete and healthy lifestyle.


What We Can Provide For Them

One-on-One Coach

Daily Nutritional
Analytics App

Personal Education


Success Tracking &
Coach Communication


*Betr health program covered by select insurances coming 2018

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