A Food As Medicine Movement

Effortless weight loss with endless health benefits.

Welcome to the FAMM:)

    Feeling better in your own body should be effortless.  Punishing yourself mentally and physically with points, shakes, diets and knee buckling workouts is only making things worse. 

    That’s why this will work even when nothing else does.

      We ease your body into healing with a personalized, simple to follow three day trial plan.  This trial is a non committal way to truly discover the power of your own gut health and dial in the right foods for your unique body.

      This internal healing process will give your body and brain the ability to reduce fog, inflammation, cravings, anxiety, fatigue, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar within days.

      Your personal coach and the most supportive community on the planet is waiting for you to join the movement and truly unlock your true health potential.    Day by day you will create a the lifestyle you deserve.

– You Deserve Betr

Dr. William Ferro 

Health Plans, Employer, Physicians And The CDC Trust Betr Health

You're Not Alone

“I love and energy from the group is outstanding”

The Brain Gut Connection

“my mind is clear and my energy is through the roof”

Lower Inflammation. Reverse Diabetes.

“I lost over 42 pounds and my A1C is now normal”


Uncover Food Triggers

“I lost 23 pounds and uncovered three healthy foods that were holding me back”

Try It For A Few Days Risk Free.

“We were very skeptical. It really works!”

Personal Coach, Community, App, Recipes, Meal Planners


NEW Fresh Meals Delivered!

Embrace The Success

Dr. William Ferro

Through weekly live calls, email and in-app messaging, Dr. Ferro is the key lead on your success with the help of our registered dieticians and head coaches.

Personal Coach

Your dedicated personal coach is right there with you in the app daily and via phone calls when you need a little extra. They make it easy and flexible so you can focus on being Betr not perfect.

Family Friendly Meal Planner

Get into a groove and save meal plans that work for your family. Export to shopping lists and even online carts like Walmart, Amazon, and many more. This feature will save you a ton of time and money.

Betr Community

Hundreds of raving fans with beaming smiles just waiting for you to get better and better with them. The support here will feel overwhelmingly warm, genuine and just what we all really need when the going gets tough.

You Deserve This

“Let’s make the food you eat today become who you want to be tomorrow. You already have all the healing power to be happier, healthier and lighter right inside your body. Let’s remove the barriers together and get Betr by the day, one day at a time.” – Dr. Ferro

Get Your Groove Back Or Get Your Money Back.

A Supportive Community

Raving Fans

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