6 Fun Facts About Micro Bacteria To Impress Your Friends With

1.There are 10 times more microbes in your body than there are human cells. That’s a lot of microbes…


2. If you were to collect and weigh all the microbes in your body it would weigh about 3 lbs. That’s equivalent to the weight of the human brain!

3. Your body is covered in microbes, including your hands. Men’s hands typically have more corynebacterium bacteria which helps breaks down MSG, where as Women’s hands typically have more lactic acid bacteria which is used in fermentation of foods.



4. Morning breath is caused by a build up of bacteria throughout the night which causes inflammation and results in an unpleasant odor.



5. When kissing, you transfer about 80 million bacteria to your partner every 10 seconds.



6. Your gut microbiota interacts with all aspects of your health including your mood and mental state. Happy people have a happy gut 🙂


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  1. Lauren Oconnor

    Oh my goodness! #4 makes so much sense!!! I have definitely noticed my breath is so much worse and didn’t know why.

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