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Everything from stubborn belly fat,  poor energy, skin, sleep, metabolism, digestion are inevitable fallout from the stressful, fast paced world we live in. These symptoms lead to many of the chronic conditions such as IBS, diabetes, heart disease, anxiety and depression. Named diets, calorie restriction, grueling exercise, frustrating apps and medications may only be making things worse. We aim to reduce that stress, reverse your conditions and have you back to feeling your best using a gut healthy food protocol, 1:1 coaching and the most amazingly supportive community.

Why Choose Betr? 

This is a whole person, whole family lifestyle refresher that will empower you and those you love for a lifetime. We utilize a priority food protocol to restore your gut health and metabolism while dialing in your specific food print. Without proper gut health and uncovering what  “healthy foods” may not be right for you, it’s next to impossible to break through plateaus and stop the yo-yo effect of named diets. Reading our reviews will give you confidence that our coaches, experts, protocol and community is the easiest and quickest path to Betr. Health plans love us because we are only reimbursed for outcomes that reduce medications and health care costs giving them a built in 7X return. Individuals paying out of pocket can test drive the whole experience for a few days to a few weeks just to make sure it’s the right fit. If it’s not right for you we refund on the spot with no questions asked. We made it a complete no brainer. Try Betr before you try anything else. Check out the reviews below.

As a fully recognized CDC Diabetes Prevention Program, we’ve demonstrated consistent evidenced based medical outcomes.

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