Chronic DISease

Living Without Ease

Doubt, Inflammation, and Stress (DIS) is fueling a runaway crisis of poor mental and physical wellbeing. The root cause is that our society is steeped in emotional, environmental and intergenerational Stress that fuels the flames of Inflammation leading to chronic dysfunction. DIS is affecting our kids, parents and grandparents.


It Affects Us
Long Before Birth.


Doubt. Inflammation. Stress.

Begins Before Birth

Identifying that DIS has become embedded in our society and our families' culture is the first step in reversing DIS.

Destroys Mood & Metabolism

DIS is Not Your Fault, DISregulation affects our mood, weight, immunity, pain, blood sugar/pressure, and everything in between.

Disguised By Diagnosis

It's divided into names and categories as a DIStraction but in reality, most can be traced back to daily and intergenerational exposure.

Bankrupting Our Future

It's the #1 selling product of all time and the profiteers want us all to remain in Doubt, Inflammation, and Stress. It's no wonder it's the #1 reason for personal bankruptcy and health plans, employers and governments see it as the greatest threat to our national security.


The Root Cause of Chronic
DISease Reveals a Sustainable Solution.


DIS (Doubt. Inflammation.Stress)

Can Easily Be

Right now a movement of over 30K members from all walks and seasons of life are effortlessly shedding doubt, inflammation, stress, anxiety, pain, weight, and unnecessary medications.




Act Micro-Locally

The Betr movement helps individuals restore their own health legacy from the inside out. When you join the Betr movement, we pair you with a remote personal coach who will empower you and your family to use food as medicine, restore the gut-brain connection and #crushdis. By acting micro-locally (from the inside out), we all can be the catalyst to a swift global shift from surviving to thriving.

You Deserve Betr

April Testimonial

As a family we lost over 100 pounds in six weeks. My mother in law reversed her diabetes, my husband normalized his blood pressure and all of us including my two kids feel happy with better digestion and way less anxiety.

April Gill
Chief Strategy Officer, Welltok

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