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Your employees are sick and tired of feeling fat, sick and tired.
We can reverse that for them guaranteed – starting with Food as Medicine.
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This is Betr and it’s what your employees deserve

Betr works so well, so quickly - it pays for itself.


Report reduction in one or more medications within 30 days.


Weight loss within 30 days without expensive medications.


Average drop in A1C within 60 days.


Report improved mood, energy and sleep within 3 days.

Reduce cost of care. Improve employee health.

We’re a whole-person, single-destination platform to serve the health and wellness needs of the entire family.

Finally, one proven solution to both prevent and reverse the most costly chronic conditions by working from the inside-out.

Combat Food

Improve health equity in your organization by providing Food as Medicine for employees who need it the most.

Reduce Rx

See what happens when Food as Medicine is a covered benefit and the impact on your Rx spend.


Provide your employees and their family members with a proven plan that dramatically improves their diet and lifestyles without upending their lives.

Simplify your

Our Wholistic family solution eliminates the tyranny of choice with a single solution that addresses the root cause of the most costly chronic conditions.