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We take care of everything

Personal Coaching

A Betr Certified Coach to guide you every step of the way. Accountability and personalization because there is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to nutrition.

Meal Planner

Create customizable meal plans and shareable shopping lists easily and effortlessly. Don’t have time to create your own? We’ve got you covered with our Betr Approved pre-made meal plans.

Meal Delivery

Bring the family back around the dinner table. Our mission is to reduce waste and cost while maintaining quality. Because eating well should be easy!


Your Betr family is here to support and cheer you on. Connect with others worldwide who are experiencing similar journies.

Leave the weight loss drama behind

How to get started

Take The Assessment

Take our health assessment and schedule a call with one of our coaches. Once we see you’re a fit, we’ll start with a risk-free trial period

Get Your Personalized Plan

Your coach designs a plan that works for you for one month. You’ll start to notice your body healing internally within days.

Shed Weight Without Drama

You won’t have to battle your willpower or struggle through workouts. As you check in with your coach daily, you’ll shed stress, inches, and inflammation.

Join over 20,000 men and women and claim your body victory
“ I have lost 18lbs in 45 days, Betr Sleep, Skin glowing, Increased Energy and my mood is Betr than Before!”
Reduced her numbers
“More energy than I've had in years! I've lost nearly 35 lbs and counting.”
Feels amazing
“Down 40lbs, and my pain is gone. lood labs have never been this good and overall I feel great!”
Lowered her A1C

Most Popular Questions

NO WAY. We don’t count points, count calories or weigh food. We eat and enjoy. Your body needs nourishment not punishment. The recipes and meals are made to be family friendly and easy to make. This gut healthy food protocol is designed to enhance every aspect you and your families lives forever.

On average our clients lose 7.4% of their total body weight within their first month. They do this without starving themselves or leg buckling workouts.

Instead you are able to sustainably manage your sleep, mood, energy and weight with a healthy digestive system. In addition we will help you uncover those seemingly healthy foods that have been holding you back.

For some it could be the difference between cooked broccoli and raw, for others is almond milk vs. almond butter… We have seen it all.

You will have two 1-1 calls with your coach before you get started to ensure that you know how to navigate the app and are prepared to start.

Your coach will check in with you at least once a day M-F.

If you have any questions that need a quick response you can use our Instachat coaching where we have coaches online for real-time support.

No worries! We have nationwide meal delivery and 200+ easy-to-make recipes.

The first month is all about healing internally. In fact, oftentimes exercise can be counterproductive to weight loss and could be holding you back.

When your system is fully recharged you will feel definitely feel urge to get active.

When our body, mind and microbiome is under stress leads to cravings and hunger. It’s not psychological issue with your head, it’s a physiologic issue with your gut.


A healthier digestive system equips your body to handle stress and improve hormone balance which crushes cravings and makes converting fat to energy feel effortless.


It’s not your fault. You deserve to feel great, you just need the right formula for you and we will show you how to do it.

Absolutely! This is meant for the whole family. You can make recipes in bulk to feed everyone, plus have some to freeze as leftovers. Great examples of family favorite recipes are our Sweet and Spicy Wings, Meatballs, Sloppy Joes, Egg Roll in a Bowl and Vegetable Crockpot Stew to name a few :).