You and your coach will create a customized plan to restore your microbiome, reduce internal inflammation, and uncover your unique food triggers.

Benefits Include

Weight Loss

Improved Digestion

Normalized Blood Labs

Better Sleep

Reduced Anxiety

Increase Energy

No more counting calories, points, and steps. Discover what's been holding you back.

If You're Struggling With...

You Deserve This.

Dear Potential Client,

Diets, medications, and even exercise can be counterproductive to losing weight, reversing disease, and restoring health. Your body already has the healing power to be happier, healthier, and lighter. Unlock it with nourishment, not punishment. 

We focus on replenishing your microbiome, relieving existing symptoms and improving metabolic function.

It’s a mental and physical state of ease that will allow your body to function as it was designed.

- Dr. William Ferro, Founder and CEO

Relax, We Handle Everything

We have you supported by your personal coach, the Instachat, and our community.

What's Included

20+ Meal Plans & Grocery Lists
200+ Original Gut Healthy Recipes
60 Day Digestive Health Playbook
One Click Online Grocery Shopping
Live Weekly Calls With Dr. Ferro
On-Demand Meditation and Yoga
Daily Progress Trackers
Inspiring Community
Expert Guidance from Betr Dieticians


2 Weeks Jumpstart Coaching



Now Only $99!

*Payment deferred for 30 days


On average, our clients lose 5%-7% of their body weight during Level 1.   Your overall results will depend on your goals and how closely you stick to the Level 1 plan.

At Betr, we DO NOT count calories, weight or portion out amounts.  We do not subscribe to “Move More, Eat Less”.  Instead, we prefer “Eat More, Stress Less.”  By eating high-quality foods, you’ll soon realize that losing weight is less about portion control and more about nourishment.  Our recipes typically are for one person, but some are double portions intended for leftovers used the next day on our meal plans.  Our goal is to have you eat until you feel full and satisfied with each snack and meal.  If you have a physically demanding job or are exercising regularly, portions and protein boosters should be adjusted. Work with your coach to customize your plan based on your results and preferences.

You will have two 1-1 calls with your coach before you get started to ensure that you know how to navigate the app and are prepared to start. Your coach will check in with you at least once a day M-F. If you have any questions that need a quick response you can use our Instachat coaching where we have coaches online for real-time support M-F from 9am-8pm EST and on weekends! 

Meal prepping is not required but recommended to help ensure the most success. You can also eliminate prep time by getting triple-washed, precut greens – just open the bag and you are ready to go. Use cherry tomatoes and pre-cut veggies so you do not have to do extra cutting which is the most time-consuming part of meal prepping!

No worries. The first month is all about healing internally. In fact, oftentimes exercise can be counterproductive to weight loss and could be holding you back. 

Liquid Stevia is the approved sweetener on the program. It comes directly from the plant and is used in many recipes from our cookbook. “Sweet Leaf” is a brand we recommend; you can find it on or Whole Foods. Both have a large selection of flavors. Stay away from artificial flavors!

Absolutely! You can make recipes in bulk to feed everyone,  plus have some to freeze as leftovers. Great examples of family favorite recipes are the meatballs, sloppy joes, meatloaf, beef chili, egg bowl in a roll and vegetable crockpot stew to name a few :).

During Level 1, it’s normal to hit a plateau where weight loss could stall for 2-3 days. For people losing an average of 1-2 pounds per day, it is common to have a stall in the second week. This plateau doesn’t mean that you’re no longer responding normally to Level 1.  This is a GOOD SIGN that your body is adjusting to its new weight.

If you are eligible to have your insurance cover your Betr Health membership, there are minimum participation requirements to engage in the app to keep your benefit. Don’t worry, these are very easy to meet as long as you follow along with us! 🙂 

Start giving your body specifically what it needs and the freedom to never have to diet again.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

"Women are always told it's impossible to expect to lose weight after 40. Well, you can throw that myth out the window, especially with Betr."
- Michel

"My lab work is fantastic. Even my doctor was amazed."
- Paula

"I lost 11 lbs in 2 weeks. I'm taking a holistic view of what I need to do for myself."
- Raymond

"With Betr, I was able to get a really clear plan to make food in a non-stressful way."
- Jessica

"I am enjoying my new life, and I know you can too."
- Earl

"After being on the program for two months and losing 30 pounds, I was excited to tell my fertility doctor that I was pregnant!"
- Caroline

"Our family is back around the dinner table!"

"More energy and less inflammation"

"I can't remember the last time I slept this well"

Real People. Real Results.

90% of your results will come from your kitchen

You are embarking on something new, something fun, something that is going to make your life more enjoyable and make you feel better.

Getting Started

1) Create Your Menu

Choose from our database of Betr approved recipes:

  • Interactive Shopping lists
  • Vegan friendly options
  • Order ingredients online

2) Pick A Start Date

 Whenever you’re ready 🙂

  • Schedule your intro call and meet your personal coach
  • Find a Monday that works best

 *** You will not be charged for coaching until your intro call.

3) Try It For 3 Days

If you are not 100% satisfied we will refund with no questions asked.

What happens after 3 days?

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