How It Works

Relax. We handle everything.

forget perfect. it's about betr.

these three things Will get you there

Daily Support

Our certified coaches work with you daily using mood, energy, sleep, digestion, and weight to help guide you to a sustainable long-term plan. 

"Cheek to Cheek" Nutrition

A healthy gut contributes to brain health, weight loss, lower anxiety, and improved sleep, energy, mood, and digestion

Food Analytics

Seemingly healthy foods could be stalling your progress. Using food analytics, we identify those trigger foods, reducing inflammation, increasing absorption, and allowing your body to express health.

Dedicated Personal Coach

Your personal coach works with you daily to analyze and adjust your plan.

"Cheek-to-Cheek" Nutrition

Over 12 years of experience perfecting a nutrition-first approach to a Betr you.

Food Analytics

Trigger foods can cause weight gain, inflammation, irritability, bloating, and fatigue. 

Eat Smarter. Live Betr.

Hundreds of original family-friendly recipes.

Create online shopping lists or have ingredients delivered to your door.

One Day At A Time

Before you know it, you’ll be happier, healthier, and on a sustainable pathway forward.  

Who knows, you may even become a Betr Health Coach!

Getting Started

1) Create Your Menu

Choose from our database of Betr approved recipes:

  • Interactive Shopping lists
  • Vegan friendly options
  • Order ingredients online

2) Pick A Start Date

 Whenever you’re ready 🙂

  • Schedule your intro call and meet your personal coach
  • Find a Monday that works best

 *** You will not be charged for coaching until your intro call.

3) Try It For 3 Days

If you are not 100% satisfied we will refund with no questions asked.

What happens after 3 days?

What To Expect

Once you’re a few days in and down a few pounds we can start adjusting your plan to fit your specific needs. You will find your groove and your body will begin to repair your digestive system from cheek to cheek. Over the next few weeks you should see vast improvements in your mood, sleep, skin, energy, and cravings. Most people are ready to move onto the next level within four weeks.

With a happier, healthier mind, body, and habits you will start to crave more movement. It’s also during this level that we will introduce seemingly healthy foods to see if they trigger a negative response in your body. In this fully connected state you will easily be able to detect fluctuations in weight, mood and energy as reintroduce something that your body does not find optimal.

During both levels you will be nourished with delicious food choices, empowering education and, if your game, you can participate in our online yoga or meditation challenges.

Real People. Real Results.

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