The Importance of Teamwork

We all have worked in teams before. For some of us, working in teams is a very enjoyable experience while others are dreading teamwork and find it frustrating.

Nevertheless, teamwork can be highly beneficial regarding weight loss. In fact, studies show that those who have a network of support are more likely to shed unwanted pounds. For example, a study examining the success of weight loss challenges found that participants who were supported by their teammates were more likely to lose weight. Although it was previously assumed that winning the competition was the key factor in weight loss, teammates actually played a more significant role.

The benefits of social supports are huge and expand far beyond weight loss. Social support is linked to:

  • a better immune system
  • emotional acceptance
  • stress release
  • overall life well-being.

Therefore, we at Betr welcome you into our family. Not only are you partnered with a certified Health Coach, but you are also invited to join our Betr community. Through our app and our Facebook group, we are able to communicate openly with one another in a safe environment!

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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Tara Montoya

    Social support right now is a bit tough right now with the lockdowns. Sigh.

  2. Patricia Daniels

    Teamwork is important for sure. Especially during this Pandemic!

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