Witch Hazel Face Food

Witch hazel is naturally derived from the leaves of the North American witch-hazel shrub.  It has been recognized for its traditional medicinal properties for years and is now a world-wide known cleanser and toner for the face.  When used in a skin care routine, witch hazel acts as a natural astringent, clarifying the skin and shrinking the pores.  This leads to a healthy glow your skin will thank you for!  In addition to this, people who live in a more polluted environment can especially benefit from witch hazel products because of their ability to block out contaminants from entering the pores. Witch hazel is also super effective in removing excess oil which can help prevent future blemishes and blackheads.  Since witch hazel is often used for treating existing skin problems, people tend to forget the effects it can have on perfectly healthy skin as well!  It is a great skin refresher/rejuvenator that helps to seal in moisture and maintain youthful looking skin as we age.  Feed your face the nutrients it needs to look its best so you can feel Betr!

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