Why These Foods For Level 1?

How level 1 calms, nourishes, and hydrates the body.

The science behind the program is founded in the use of specific foods to help calm the body which leads to it functioning at a much higher capacity within the first 3 weeks of level 1. Hydrating and nourishing the body with foods that are low inflammatory, low acidity, and have very little if any associated food intolerances while keeping the body in a calm state will cause the biggest shift to happen from the inside out in the shortest period of time. 


Some great examples of foods eliminated that may impact results are broccoli, cauliflower and mushrooms – great veggies but for some people it may suppress the thyroid. Turkey, tilapia – great proteins but usually higher in hormones which may slow the purification process. 


The goal is to eliminate any variables during the first 3 weeks to create a favorable  internal environment making it possible to release stored fat, reduce inflammation and symptoms of adrenal fatigue like low energy, cravings, and restless sleep. Once the body is fully reset any foods eliminated because of known variables may be easily reintroduced during the replenishment phase of the program called level 2.

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