Salad Dressings 101

Choosing the right dressing is key to success.

Salad dressings can add wonderful variety and flavor to your betr meals and it is important to make the right choices to see the best health outcomes.


While there are 100’s of salad dressing choices on the market, betr health focuses on dressings that contain Level 1 ingredients, low sugar, low sodium, and no artificial ingredients or preservatives whenever possible. Apple cider vinegar is encouraged for its many benefits aiding lower blood sugar levels and weight loss.


Utilizing natural, nourishing dressings can beautifully complete a lovely salad with a tasty flavor boost so set up your mason jar salads and prepare for a week of success!


The best choices for salad dressings include:

  • Bragg’s dressing choices (for ready-made convenience)


  • Betr salad dressing recipes found in your member’s area. Some popular Level 1 choices include our Ranch, Hummus, Teriyaki, and Basil Vinaigrette.


  • Order vinaigrette salad dressings on the side when dining out to control the amount of dressing consumed.


  • Try these in a pinch when dining out:

    • vinegar or

    • fresh-squeezed lemon, lime, or orange slices

    • olive oil drizzle

    • salt and pepper


  • Always review a salad dressing’s ingredients and nutrition facts label to avoid ingredients you don’t recognize or sound like a “chemistry experiment.”


  • For level 2 and beyond, Primal Kitchen Dressings and marinades, as well as Simple Girl Dressings, can be alternative grab-and-go choices. Be sure to test and monitor how your body responds with any sensitivity or weight increase. Note: If you are sodium sensitive, these dressings have a higher sodium content vs Bragg’s products.


You’ve got this! Enjoy the betr lifestyle.

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