Four Holiday Party Hacks!

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Who doesn’t love a holiday party? They can be an opportunity to catch up with family, reconnect with old friends, or finally get some quality time outside the office with coworkers. 

But if you’re trying to make a healthy change this holiday season, these celebrations can also feel like a minefield! 

We often associate the celebrations of the holiday season with eating and drinking to excess. Still, it’s possible to have just as much fun without the hangover!  

Keep these four Betr Holiday Party Hacks in your pocket to avoid going overboard on the open bar & hors d’oeuvres.

Don’t show up Hungry! 

You know the drill: you skip breakfast and lunch, hoping to make up for the extra food you plan to eat during the party. We’ve all tried to make this “system” work, but it often does more harm than good. 

There is evidence that intentional, intermittent fasting can be a healthy part of an overall nutrition approach. But that’s not the same as starving yourself until happy hour. Showing up at the buffet hungry is a surefire way to eat and drink yourself sick! 

This “fasting” approach can increase cravings for the exact kind of high-fat, high-sugar foods you may want to avoid. On top of this, depriving your body of necessary calories causes hormonal shifts toward fat storage instead of fat burn. This means not only will you eat more, but your body will hold onto that food tighter! 

A Betr approach to holiday party prep is to stick to your regular eating routine. This keeps cravings from short-circuiting your ability to listen to your body. You’ll actually have the power to choose what to enjoy!  

Choose Bubbles without the Booze

This hack is great because it works on a couple of levels. 

Here’s how it works.

First, fill your favorite cocktail glass with club soda(carbonated water) instead of alcohol. Next, add a citrus twist, or throw a few berries into the glass. Finally, enjoy your mocktail! 

This is a great way to hydrate during a holiday party, which keeps you feeling full and avoids those thirst cravings pretending to be hunger. It also helps you avoid downing a bunch of sugary mixers.

Another great thing about the club soda mocktail is that it looks like a “real” drink. Keeping one of these in hand helps you avoid the peer pressure of people constantly asking why you aren’t drinking!

Finally, the bubbles in fizzy water actually make you feel more full and aerate your taste buds. This means you might be inclined to eat less. But also, you’ll taste more of what you do eat!

Focus on experiencing rather than eating! 

Hopefully, these holiday celebrations are about more than eating and drinking. As we said earlier, they’re also about spending time with people who are important to you! 

Don’t get stuck near the bar or buffet table where you can mindlessly indulge. Try to find a seat near a friend, or take some time to get to know a coworker you only see at the office! 

While having these conversations, focus on learning something about the other person. When you’re engaged in a conversation, you’ll less likely reach for the potato chip bowl or guzzle down whatever you’re drinking. 

Make your “Calories” Count

Let’s be clear, we’re not talking about “calories.” At Betr, we don’t focus on counting calories. What we mean is, if you decide to try some “treats” that aren’t on your current level of the Betr protocol, make sure it’s something worth eating. 

If you want a cocktail, ask the bartender to mix something special.  Or you could spring for the top shelf and enjoy unique flavors rather than adding extra sugar from soda or syrup to cover up that “boozy burn.”  

We all love party mixes or pretzels, but if you’re going to munch on something, try a unique dish or someone’s homemade specialty. At the very least, make sure you pick a holiday favorite!

Lastly, we’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: it’s about being Betr, not perfect! Betr is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle, and lifestyles are about the changes you make over the long term! 

So, if you have too many cocktails or Christmas cookies- don’t despair! Just make your next meal Betr, and you’ll be fine! 

Most importantly, we want you to have a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season!

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