Metaflammation: The Western Diet’s Silent Killer Could Take Years Off Your Life

Food as Medicine

A controversial condition caused by your diet and lifestyle could take years off your and your children’s lives! It’s linked to the Western Diet, high in fat, salt, sugar, and additives and low in fruits, vegetables, fiber, and micronutrients.

It’s called “Metaflammation,” and it may be the cause and effect of obesity, chronic disease, cancers, and poor quality of life. 

But what is it? And, how do you fight it? 

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • What is the Western Diet?
  • How is the Western Diet linked to Metaflammation? 
  • How Metaflamation affects the body.
  • Your Metaflammed Microbiome. 
  • How Betr reverses Metaflammation. 

If you’ve never heard of Metaflammation (and we bet you haven’t!) Keep reading to hear about this worrying problem and its solution! 

What is the Western Diet?

The Western Diet is a term used to describe the developing world’s troubling nutritional tendencies. Historically, this diet is linked to the technological advances in industrialized agriculture and food production systems that negatively impact your health. 

In scientific terms, the Western Diet is rich in saturated fat, added salt and sugar, white flour, and additives for flavor and appearance. It’s also low in whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. 

In simple terms, you already know what the Western Diet is. It’s fast food, chips, sugary snacks, and lots of things from a restaurant, box, bag, can, or package. That’s not to say that these things are ALWAYS bad, but it becomes a problem when, like many people, they make up most of your diet. 

We’re not just talking about weight gain, either (though the Western Diet is a primary contributor to obesity). The real issue is that the Western diet contributes to a condition that doesn’t just affect your waistline but impacts the health of your entire body! 


The Western Diet is high in saturated fat, salt, sugar, and additives and low in fiber, micronutrients, fruit, and vegetables. 

How is the Western Diet linked to Metaflammation? 

One of the most significant issues with the Western Diet is its practically designed for hormone disruption, fat storage, and unhealthy blood sugar levels. A primary feature of its nutrition content is foods high in saturated fat, high in added sugar, and a high “glycemic load.”

What’s a high glycemic load? In nature, sugar is generally paired with a hefty dose of fiber, like in fruits and vegetables. This high fiber content requires time and effort for the body to break down and release the sugar inside. This means the sugar contained in a piece of fruit is released into the bloodstream slowly and processed for energy appropriately. 

Here’s what this looks like in real life. If you eat an apple, it contains 25 grams of sugar and 4.5 grams of fiber. So the sugar in an apple is combined with about 20% of your daily fiber. The same amount of sugar in a glass of soda contains exactly ZERO grams of fiber, meaning the sugar in the soda goes straight to your bloodstream. 

The problem is that your body wasn’t designed to handle a sugar dump like this. It interferes with insulin release and causes extra sugar to be stored as fat. This combination of excess fat storage and high blood sugar leads to chronic inflammation. 

Because it’s related to diet, sugar, and fat processing, which are all part of your body’s metabolism, scientists have named this inflammation metaflammation.


High sugar, fat, and heavy glycemic loads interfere with healthy blood sugar processing and fat storage. This leads to inflammation related to interference with your metabolism, known as metaflammation.

How Metaflammation affects the body.

It turns out,  metaflammation affects way more than just fat storage. 

It causes a downward spiral of inflammation that interferes with the function of our digestive system, liver, mood and mind, immune system, and pretty much everything else. 

Metaflammation’s body-wide inflammatory assault may significantly contribute to the chronic disease epidemic in modern society

Here’s a quick cruise of how various chronic diseases relate to metaflammation: 


Rather than thinking of fat as the enemy keeping you out of stylish jeans, think of it as an active organ responsible for storing and releasing energy. Like any other organ, fat cells can only handle so much work. When overwhelmed, fat cells start to malfunction and cause inflammation and interference with appropriate dietary fat and sugar metabolism

Type 2 Diabetes

The issue of glycemic load describes how metaflammation can lead to Type 2 Diabetes. This inflammation can also affect the pancreas, the organ responsible for insulin production and release. Eventually, your direct inflammation and out-of-control blood sugar overwhelms your pancreas, causing further damage and inflammation in your body. 

Cardiovascular Disease and Hypertension

One feature of the Western Diet that can truly trash your ticker is saturated and trans-fats. These fat molecules are especially likely to increase unhealthy cholesterol levels leading to fat storage, fatty deposits in blood vessels, and inflammation. This combination of factors drastically increases the risk of developing severe cardiovascular disease.

Depression, Anxiety, and Alzheimer’s

Ongoing inflammation interferes with the healthy production of mind, mood, and energy-regulating chemicals. This interference leads to symptoms of anxiety and depression or even reduced mental capacity and Alzheimers related changes in the brain. 

Autoimmune and inflammatory diseases

How metaflammation contributes to autoimmune, allergic, and inflammatory diseases is not entirely understood. Many theories propose that metaflammation’s intereference with healthy processes results in damaging changes to the immune system.

It may seem unbelievable that metaflammation can cause these diverse health conditions. It makes sense, though, if you consider that the problem starts in a single place, a place where your body and diet meet, a place called your gut.


Metainflammation affects the entire body and contributes to the development of numerous chronic diseases. 

Your Metaflamed Microbiome. 

The first part of your body where the Western Diet begins to interfere with healthy function and cause inflammation is in your digestive system, your gut. And the primary way that it interferes is by disrupting the healthy population of bacteria called your gut microbiome. 

Your gut is home to trillions of bacteria. Don’t worry! They’re supposed to be there! Unfortunately, the Western Diet is the opposite of what these bacteria need, one of the primary issues being the Western Diet’s lack of fiber. 

Fiber is fine dining for the patrons of your microbiome. These bacteria need to eat this fiber to produce healthy substances called short-chain fatty acids(SCFAs). SCFAs travel throughout the body and support TONS of beneficial functions, including:

  • Healthy blood sugar metabolism
  • Fat breakdown
  • Appetite control
  • Mind and mood support
  • Healthy digestions
  • Lowered heart rate and blood pressure
  • Fight inflammation
  • Support immune function

You don’t get these short-chain fatty acids when fed on a Western diet and deprived of that bacterially bolstering fiber. What you get is inflammation. 

Inflammation in the gut has a particular effect. It breaks down the wall between your digestive tract and the rest of your body. When this happens, things in your gut get out that shouldn’t, and things outside your gut get in that shouldn’t. Sometimes called “leaky gut,” this condition interferes with healthy gut function and creates MORE inflammation. 

If you’re overwhelmed with how often we’ve said “inflammation,” imagine how your body feels dealing with the out-of-control, disease-causing, health-destroying reality of metaflammation. 


The unhealthy, low-fiber Western Diet interferes with healthy gut function and alters your gut microbiome, contributing to the downward spiral of full-body, chronic metaflammation. 

How Betr reverses Metaflammation.

Take a deep breath. It’s going to be ok! 

There is a solution, and it’s not some crazy diet or miracle pill. This solution is delicious, struggle-free, effective, and sustainable. 

This solution is Betr. 

Betr is a lifestyle program dedicated to using food as medicine to reduce stress, fight chronic disease, and heal inflammation by restoring your gut microbiome. 

Betr is not a diet. Our members don’t count calories, weigh foods, or measure macros. 

It’s not about being perfect. It’s about being Betr.

Betr has combined the cutting-edge science of gut health with decades of experience to develop a delicious food protocol that begins to heal your body on DAY 1. 

We do this by restoring your natural, healthy gut microbiome. Our food-as-medicine protocol uses anti-inflammatory, fiber-packed foods, delicious recipes,  and an affordable meal delivery service to provide your beneficial bacteria with all the necessary nutrients for optimal health.

As your microbiome heals, inflammation in your body will start to fade. As the metaflammation from years of yo-yo weight loss and a toxic Western Diet disappears, our members experience improved sleep, mood, and weight loss. They report incredible, life-changing energy, reduced medication use, and relief from symptoms of chronic disease.

Inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic pain…we’ve seen all these and more relieved through our delicious, gut-healing protocol. 

And it truly is struggle-free! 

The program is low pressure and low stress. We provide you with all of the tools you need to succeed. Our coaches will help you develop a personalized plan that works for YOU! You’ll lose weight and heal your body without hunger, cravings, punishing workouts, guilt, or shame. 

And, if you have a bad day, no big deal! Again, it’s about being Betr, not perfect. We want this to be sustainable. The goal is to get your body to a state where you can have a glass of wine, a slice of pizza, or a delicious pastry without the guilt and negative health impacts. 

It’s not complicated. You’ll feel so good you won’t want to stop! 


Betr recognizes the role of metaflammation in chronic disease, stress, and overall poor health. We use food as medicine and current research on nutrition and gut health to heal your microbiome and restore you to a healthy, happy YOU!

The Wrap-Up

The point of this article wasn’t to terrify you.

It was to let you know that there is a solution to the negative health consequences of metaflammation caused by a lifetime of poor nutrition and disease. 

Some key points we want you to remember: 

  • The Western Diet is high in saturated fat, salt, sugar, and additives and low in fiber, micronutrients, fruit, and vegetables.
  • High sugar, fat, and heavy glycemic loads interfere with healthy blood sugar processing and fat storage. This leads to inflammation related to interference with your metabolism, known as metaflammation. 
  • Metaflammation affects all parts of the body and contributes to the development of numerous chronic diseases. 
  • The unhealthy, low-fiber Western Diet interferes with healthy gut function. It alters your gut microbiome, contributing to the downward spiral of full-body, chronic metaflammation.
  • Betr recognizes the role metaflammation plays in chronic disease, stress, and poor health. We use food as medicine and current research on nutrition and gut health to heal your microbiome and restore you to a healthy, happy YOU!


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After reading this article, you may be asking yourself if your own health hurdles could be related to an unhealthy gut.

Explore Betr's risk-free trial to see if you could benefit from using food as medicine to rebuild your microbiome and realize the healthy potential you never knew you were missing!