The Four P’s of Making Your Betr Menu

Food as Medicine

For many of us, figuring out what we’re going to eat can be a real hassle, and it can feel even more overwhelming if we try to change our nutrition habits. If you’re also busy with work, kids, or just don’t enjoy the kitchen…forget about it! 

That’s why Betr has developed the “Four P’s” approach, to break down menu planning and food prep into an easy, approachable system! 

The Four Ps are

  1. Personalize
  2. Plan
  3. Prep
  4. Purchase

Let’s get into the particulars of each step! 

Step 1: Personalize

This step is the most important because it will set the tone for the rest of your approach. So, what do we mean by “personalized?” Think about what system works best for you regarding menu planning and prep!

For example, if you don’t like to cook (or don’t have time to), it probably wouldn’t be the best plan to pick a week’s worth of brand-new Betr recipes. Instead, it may make more sense for you to browse the Betr Meal Delivery page. 

It’s also essential to think about your dietary preferences and requirements. If you’re a vegetarian, there’s no sense in scrolling through every Betr recipe or Betr Meal Delivery option. Just browse the vegetarian options. We recommend the new Chana Masala in Betr Meal Delivery- YUM!!

Every step you take to make your prep and planning more specific to you will help simplify the process and make the process more manageable. 

Step 2: Plan

The Planning step may be the most challenging part of this process, there’s just no way around it. But it’s essential to your success that you know what you’re going to eat for the next day, or the next few if you can!

If you’re new to Betr and just starting Level 1, use your coach as a resource! They can offer insight into thousands of members’ success in making a menu!

Again, think about your “prep preferences.” Don’t plan to cook a week’s worth of meals if you won’t have time. Think about ingredients you can cook in bulk and use in multiple dishes.

You can also “buy” in bulk through Betr Meal Delivery. Each tray has at least four servings. And there are simple basics like chicken breasts, hardboiled eggs, and bison burgers that you can “dress up” for different recipes.

If you want a combination of cooking at home and buying, the planning step is the perfect time to make two different grocery lists. Write one for meal delivery and one for raw ingredients!   

Step 3: Purchase 

Here’s the biggest curveball. If you’re buying Betr Meal Delivery, you must plan your order a week in advance. Order your meals by Sunday at 11:59 PM Eastern for delivery on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.  All of the Betr Meals are freezable and can be kept in the fridge until the date on the packaging! 

If you’ve already got a freezer or fridge full of Betr Meals, now is the time to head to the grocery store. You can make it as simple or exciting as you want! Are you planning to cook some exotic new recipes? Grab some exciting ingredients you’ve never used before. Just make sure they fall into your Betr Level, and keep an eye out for added salt, sugar, preservatives, or other chemicals!

Fresh is always best! If you want to minimize prep, most grocery stores have a fresh-cut fruit and veggie section. If you can, try to get veggies prepped in-store. Bagged and shipped options sometimes have residual pesticides or additives to maintain color and appearance. 

Your fruit can be as simple as a bag of apples and a bag of oranges. Just make sure to wash before you eat! 

Step 4: Prep

This is it! The last step! Here’s the best advice we can give you about the hands-on prep step– try not to view it as a “chore.” Set aside some time to listen to a podcast or your favorite tunes, and think of food prep time as “you” time. 

Prep time is time to chop veggies, parcel out meals, or bulk cook some proteins. Hardboil a whole dozen eggs. If you have a crockpot, you can make a big batch of shredded chicken for everything from salads to fajita bowls. 

If your Betr Meal Delivery arrives, prep is the step to break down what you need for the week and bag and freeze the rest. If you’ve got some frozen Betr Meals, “prep day” is an excellent time to move them into the fridge, so they’re defrosted in time for your meal. 

And that’s it! You’ve prepped a fridgeful of fueling food! All you have to do now is enjoy it! 

Hopefully, the “Four P’s” provides you with a simplified, manageable way to approach meal planning and prep. Food is your fuel and should be enjoyable in the eating AND the prepping, so make sure to develop a plan that works for you! 

We can’t stress enough that you don’t have to be a master chef to be successful on Betr. That’s why we started our Meal Delivery service. Meal delivery is also a great way to feed the whole family. There are plenty of delicious, kid-friendly options, and don’t forget, it’s four servings per tray. 

Worried it’s too expensive? Because each tray is four servings, Betr Meal Delivery is cheaper than buying and prepping the same food from the grocery store!

No one should feel they can’t eat well because of their schedule, preferences, or skills. The Four P’s are designed to ensure you can eat Betr, whether you’re a kitchen connoisseur or a Meal Delivery Master!

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