Member Feature of the Week – Jessica

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“This program has made my soul prettier and my body happier.”

In this video, Jessica shares her story with Dr. Ferro:

“Hello, better peeps. I’m Jessie, and I’m here to tell you how grateful and happy I am that I found this amazing community and incredible program.

I suffer from diverticular disease, and it is very painful. For 4 years, my flare-ups were so frequent, so devastating… and I was looking for ways to improve my health and maybe, MAYBE get some relief in the process.

I was constantly under treatment with antibiotics, which added more problems to my situation.

I developed a big resistance to antibiotics and frequent yeast infections in my esophagus, my throat, and my mouth, which was horribly painful.

I was overweight, miserable and tired. It was a very, very dark place to be. So I came into this program with a lot of hope and hesitation, because many of the foods that I was “supposed to eat” in the program were foods that I was supposed to avoid.

Supposedly these were my trigger foods, they created flare-ups, and more.

I came to find out, I CAN have these foods! I’ve been eating raw vegetables with no issues – I have been feeling great.

I’ve been losing weight, and more importantly, I have been flare-up-free for the first time in four years – since January, which is actually when I started the program.

So, when I tell you that I tell everybody “This program has made my soul prettier and my body happier,” I’m not lying.

I recommend Betr everywhere I go, I am a living testimony of how this can really improve your quality of life. I will be forever, FOREVER, grateful that I found Betr and that I am a part of you.

My coach Leslie was amazing – she gave me the confidence and the push that I needed when I first started. So, do not hesitate. Take the step. The first step WILL change your life!”

Thank you, Jessica for sharing your story! Share Jessica’s story to inspire friends and family to break THEIR intergenerational cycle of costly chronic DIS-ease.

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