After Years of Chronic Pain, Jamie Felt Immediate Relief with Betr Health!

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Jaime is a substitute teacher in Moreno Valley, California — which means working on her feet and staying energized to keep the children engaged. This job, in addition to her weekly dance classes, requires a lot of mental and physical energy to get through the day.

Even after having nine spinal fusion surgeries, Jaime was still in constant pain as a result of her arthritis and fibromyalgia. She had to take medication every three hours in order to alleviate some of the pain — this meant waking up to take it throughout the night! Oftentimes she found herself resorting to sugary snacks in order to satisfy her cravings and give her miniature boosts of energy each day.

After being told by her doctor that she was at risk for diabetes, Jaime decided to enroll in  Betr Health through Blue Shield of California’s Wellvolution program. She was able to sign up for NO additional cost!

Since joining Betr, Jaime has lost 18 pounds — but she says that this is not even what she is most excited about. “The thing about Betr that’s different for me is that I can sleep through the night…and during the day my pain is less!” she explains. The alleviation of her chronic pain has allowed her to increase time between doses of medication and sleep through the night. This has also resulted in improved energy, mood, and less pain during the day.

Jaime feels like the Betr protocol is extremely sustainable. “What makes me happiest about Betr Health is how it’s a lifestyle program and not a diet, so I can easily stick with this for the rest of my life!” she comments. She feels very confident in her ability to continue in her wellness journey.

Now that Jaime is able to sleep through the night and participate in her hobby of multiple weekly dance classes, she’s able to enjoy life much more than before the Betr program. She plans to continue the protocol and continue this lifestyle. Way to go, Jaime!

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