After Years of Chronic Pain, Michel is Down 70 Pounds and Pain-Free With Betr Health!

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Michel teaches at a public school in Ukiah, California — which means working in a high-stress environment and standing on her feet for long hours. Her job requires a lot of physical and mental energy to get through the day. 

Like many people in their sixties, Michel attributed her pain, weight gain, and low energy levels to getting older. Her plantar fasciitis, a painful foot condition, required her to get frequent treatments at the doctor and spend hundreds of dollars to alleviate the irritation in her feet. She also found herself resorting to sugary snacks to stay awake, resulting in her being up late.

Michel has tried many weight loss programs before and has been told that it is very hard for a woman her age to lose weight. Although skeptical at first, she took the initiative and joined Betr Health through Blue Shield of California’s Wellvolution program. Through her insurance benefits, she was able to sign up for Betr Health for no additional cost! 

Since joining Betr in July 2019, Michel has lost 70 pounds — but her progress isn’t just reflected by this number. “The biggest benefit for me wasn’t just losing 70 pounds, but after 2-3 weeks of starting Betr Health the pain went away,” she explains. The elimination of her chronic pain allowed her to have more energy and mobility, which increased her comfort and further contributed to her incredible weight loss. She’s also seen differences in her sleep habits and skin, and feels younger!

The meal preparation skills that she has gained have saved her money on groceries and made her confident in her ability to reach her future goals. “I’m really learning life skills, and I know how to eat right for MY body now…I’ll keep this for life!” Michel feels prepared for the next steps in her wellness journey. 

Even with all of her progress, her journey isn’t over yet. Now that she’s at her goal weight and understands what foods are best for her body, she wants to channel her increased energy into focusing on exercise in order to begin gaining more muscle.

After reading this article, you may be asking yourself if your own health hurdles could be related to an unhealthy gut.

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