Teacher Drops 20 Pounds and 5 Daily Medications with Betr Health!

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“No longer need 5 medications. My aches improved so much that I can wear high heels again without pain!”

Abebi teaches full time at an elementary school in Covina, California — which means working in a physically demanding and high-stress environment and standing for long periods of time. Her position requires a lot of energy to get through each school day. 

In order to control her acid reflux, asthma, allergies, and high cholesterol, Abebi found herself taking five medications every single day. This became a nuisance and Abebi recognized that she’d feel much better if she was medication-free. She decided it was time for her to lose weight and reduce her medications.

In order to reach her goals, Abebi looked into her options. She ended up joining betr Health through Blue Shield of California’s Wellvolution program. Through her insurance benefits, she was able to sign up for Betr Health for NO additional cost! She couldn’t believe how quickly she saw results.

Within 20 days of starting the Betr Health protocol, Abebi lost 20 pounds! As a result, she has been able to eliminate all five of her daily medications — which has left her feeling much healthier and feeling less symptoms of acid reflux, asthma, or allergies. She says she is most excited about her newfound energy and her ability to enjoy foods that she couldn’t prior to Betr. “Before my doctors told me to avoid foods that I love…but now I’m able to eat all of them in moderation!” she says. 

Abebi has also seen results in other aspects of her life. She is able to sleep better and snore less, she feels less pain in her knees allowing her to wear raised shoes with no pain, and she can get through high-intensity yoga classes with no problem. She’s seen benefits in all areas!

Now that she’s reached her goal weight, Abebi plans to continue the Betr Health program in order to maintain her weight loss. She’s already recommended the program to two coworkers who have also seen results!

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