VP Executive Normalizes Labs and Loses 25 Pounds with Betr Health

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“My skin has never looked this great. The recipes are amazing with support from wonderful coaches. This plan really does work!”

Tom is a senior vice president at a software and tech entertainment company. Being an executive comes with a lot of stress and long hours, which demands a lot of mental and physical energy. 

Prior to joining Betr Health, Tom had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and was at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes with a family history of diabetes. He was taking daily medication for cholesterol and his doctor recommended starting blood pressure medication in the next year unless his blood labs normalized. 

Through his insurance benefits, Tom was able to enroll in Betr Health for no additional cost through Blue Shield of California’s Wellvolution program. Once he got started on the program, he noticed results immediately.

Tom lost 19 pounds in his first month and a total of 25 pounds to reach his goal! Although the weight loss is exciting, Tom said the most notable change has been in his lab results. His cholesterol levels have dropped significantly and his blood pressure has completely normalized. As a result, he has decreased his cholesterol medication dosage and no longer needs to consider taking blood pressure medication. Additionally, Tom has seen major improvements in his skin.

Tom has long suffered from rosacea, a skin condition, in addition to dry and flaky skin. Since joining the program, he has seen significant improvements in his skin. “My skin has never looked this great,” he says. 

Tom’s favorite thing about the Betr Program is how supportive and straight-forward it is. “It’s a great plan — easy to follow. There are amazing recipes and support from wonderful coaches. This plan really does work!” he says. The flexibility and simplicity of the plan fits perfectly with his busy work schedule.

Now that he’s reached his target weight loss goal, Tom plans to continue the Betr lifestyle in order to maintain his excellent blood labs. 

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